About Us

NirmanGold Alloys Pvt Ltd was founded in 2011. Since its inception, NGAPL has emerged as leading press component supplier. With more than 300 quality employees now, NGAPL is specialized in sheet metal pressing and pipe processing.

Excellent forward integration is realized through a Tool Room and backward integration in the field of Product, Tool and Process Development. Thus we aid our customers to enhance the value of their end products.

NGAPL has developed and gained expertise in producing a complete line of satellite dishes, the satellite dish reflector and components. As one of the most reliable and professional supplier in this field, all of our products have passed the wind resistance tests, we has been constantly managing to produce top quality satellite dishes.

We are also involved in following activities

  • Manufacturing of Industrial and Consumer components.
  • Construction & Infra Development, Irrigational and Road Works.
  • Seeds and farming.

As a growing company we always welcome Partners for Business Development aimed at mutual Benefits with shared objectives and values.